More than twenty years have passed since scholars began to look at reproduction through the prism of global politics. Since then, an important wave of feminist scholarship put into sharp focus the increasing role of global markets in the shaping of human reproduction. This incisive scholarship has laid bare the complexities of the ethics and power dynamics underlying these market-driven and globalized phenomena, such as racially-inflected surrogacy, bio-product consumption, and fertility treatments-cum-tourism.


Through the Reproductive Mobilities Research Network, we aim to build on this work by expanding the conversation to new directions beyond this focus on markets and flows. Beginning at the intersection of reproduction and critical mobilities, we seek to begin conversations that interrogate the multiple forms of mobility at play in reproduction. By using a mobility framework we will bring a wider range of actors and reproductive practices and trajectories by asking how human movement enables and produces reproductive imaginaries, desires, futures, trajectories, and practices and subjectivities of diverse actors, with attention to the inequities, precarities, privileges of nationality, politics of citizenship, and the stratification of reproduction that inform these mobilities.

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