This page lists current members of the Reproductive Mobilities Research Network, in order to bring active researches into contact. If you are doing research related to reproductive mobilities, and would like to be part of the Reproductive Mobilities Research Network, please join!

Listed in Alphabetical Order

Dr. Sue Frohlick, University of British Columbia Okanagan, Canada

Sue Frohlick is an anthropologist in Community, Culture, and Global Studies at UBCO and is currently researching the ways in which reproductive and touristic imaginaries and travel, and reproductive mobilities are entwined in global south- global north hierarchies, and in heteropatriarchies. This work builds on her previous work on transnational sex and romance tourism in Costa Rica. 

Dr. Kristin Lozanski, Kings University College, Western University, Canada

Kristin Lozanski is a sociologist at King's University College at Western University who focuses on the articulations between transnational mobilities/immobilities and their consequence for marginalization. Her work focuses on the production of family across international borders through practices such a surrogacy, "birth tourism," and migrant status.

Kelsey MarrUniversity of British Columbia Okanagan, Canada

Kelsey Marr is a medical anthropologist pursuing her PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies at UBCO. Her developing doctoral research examines the intersections of Swedish nationalism, assisted reproduction, and young women's reproductive decision-making. She is keenly interested in the ways in which mobilities inform reproductive decision-making, of both those who are "moving" and those who are "already present."

Dr. Amy Speier, University of Texas Arlington, USA

Amy Speier is a medical anthropologist at the University of Texas Arlington with expertise in health and medical tourism. She focus on patient-consumer action within a global neoliberal marketplace of health care. Her research highlights the branding of medical holidays and make important contributions to feminist studies of reproductive technologies, the anthropology of tourism, and critical medical anthropology.

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